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Trackies Occasional Newsletter No. 6. (1/10/21)

Back Bay boardwalk

Well the boardwalk has been open to the public for 6 weeks now and over 3000 visits have been recorded. Numerous accolades from the community and so far no issues between bikers and walkers. Council has agreed to provide a picnic table at Back Bay and we hope eventually to have the entrance off Molesworth Drive to the gravel path wheelchair friendly as part of the Mangawhai Central road works. Just a few stats to give you some idea of the scale of the project:

Timber $68,000

Stainless steel $24,000

Consents $23,000

Equipment etc $15,000

Volunteer hours 4,300

Total cost $131,000

Great effort by the whole project team, a fine job we can all be proud of.

Lincoln Downs

Our next big project is well underway with several hundred metres of the primary walking track formed with large teams turning out for Friday morning work. The Trust commissioned Southstar Trails from Rotorua to undertake the design of Stage 1 of the mountain bike park and we are very happy with what they have come up with.

The bush block of the Lincoln Downs recreation area is divided into a southern section of walking tracks and a northern section for the mountain bike park.

Stage 1 MTB park design.

The priority for the Trust is to get agreement on the primary access to the site, location of parking, and develop budgets for associated roading and car park. While KDC has allocated over $300K for this work the Trust needs to find matching funding for it to go ahead. Once we have the plans finalised we are confident we can raise the necessary funds and in the meantime it is full steam ahead on walking track development.

Maintenance Team

While the premier team is up Lincoln Downs slogging away in the mud, the emeritus team of old codgers keeps our wider track complex in top condition, removing fallen trees, re-routing tracks in Mangawhai Park following logging, clearing encroaching vegetation, and planting donated trees (100 pohutukawa from Mangawhai Natives). It is very important to the reputation of the Trust that its tracks are kept in top condition and such impediments as fallen trees, wasp nests, damaged steps etc are addressed without delay, our maintenance team is always on the job!

Exciting times! Good to be moving on to the next major project and back into our regular Friday slot. The boardwalk made heavy demands with both the working conditions and timetable around the tides as well as keeping materials moving smoothly. Life is now a little bit more relaxed!

Next event the Christmas BBQ, it will be on us before you notice. Take care out there.

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