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We would love your feedback!

If you see weather damage or maintenance needed, please comment below or on our Facebook page. Feel free to share your photos and we will add them to our website gallery.

Thank you for helping to keep our tracks safe and tidy. 

For general enquiries and further

information, please contact us: 

Tel 027 458 6500

(Gordon Hosking)

Help up support our community - Look out for events

 Mangawhai's landscape is a masterpiece itself, yet it has also become a hub for creative minds. There are now over 90 artists in the Mangawhai Artist Association. 

Art pictured above: One of many beautiful flax pieces by local artist, Marie Flavell.  

 The official Mangawhai website.

 Mangawhai Walking Weekend is great for both locals and visitor to Mangawhai. Save the date - 25th-26th March 2017! 

 Mangawhai Activity Zone, concieved by a group of parents and community members, is a quickly growing recreational area with a playground, skate park and mountain bike track.

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