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Mangawhai can offer both mountain bikers and roadies opportunities to push the pedals while enjoying our beautiful coastal environment and getting a whatever level of workout they are looking for.

Roadies have the choice of half a dozen or more loops most with low traffic volumes if you stay away from State Highway 1. The Garbolino Rd. loop is a favourite, 17km with just a couple of good climbs. If you are looking for something a bit more challenging try the Tomorata Valley loop with a good grunt up School Road (48km). If you like the coast head over to Waipu (good bakery) via Langs Beach, couple of good climbs each way but lots of flat riding (51km).

(pictured above: Mangawhai Community Park MTB tracks, pictured below: Kasey Wynyard hits the trail)

click the pdf to view roadies map.

Mountainbikers are pretty well confined to our local gravel roads with the exception of single track in the Mangawhai Community Park with its entry point at the Mangawhai Activity Zone on Molesworth Drive. Try one of the gravel roads to Te Arai Point and if the tide is low come back along the beach to Pacific Rd (30km). For a good workout get onto Lawrence Rd from the Kaiwaka/Mangawhai Rd. over Prichard and Ryan Rds. over to Mangawhai Rd then take School Rd onto gravel at Busbridge Rd. and follow your nose north back to Mangawhai (48km).

click the pdf to view the mountainbike map.

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