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A jaunt in the Tanekahas

Have you been thinking about trying one of the tracks within Tanekaha, but didn't know where to start? Here are some recent notes from a Trackie taking a long jaunt to share some of the highlights of the trails you can explore.

The Falls and Forest tracks begin just over the swing bridge, with the other trails accessible from these. Our adventurer took the lovely circuit starting on the Falls track for 20min, then turning onto Puriri track.  Here she encountered the rocky stream, with a refreshing deep swimming hole before crossing to reach the Big Puriri one min off the track. A perfect spot to take the first break, admire an impressive example of great puriri.

Back on the track, to the ups and downs of a delightful remote track, steps, stream crossings,  little waterfalls.  Stop to take in the beauty of the bush.

Passing another huge puriri right on the trail  edge  one wonders at the majesty of its sculptural growth. 

The track construction is worth a thought.  Hundreds of voluntary hours of work as well as the constant maintenance and upgrading. What a treasure. 

Around 1 1/2 hr from the start, the junction is reached, where you can either continue up the Falls track to the ridge (Langsview Track),  or return towards the First waterfall.  The latter has a number of stream crossings,  easy after dry weather, but needing much care in wet periods.

The short side tracks to views of the waterfalls are worth checking.  'Richard's Rest' has the infinity pool, another perfect stopover.  

After recharging, continue down to the Botanical track junction just above the First waterfall.  (approx 1hr)

The Botanical track generally follows a contour with a few gentle undulations.  The Cyclone Gabrielle damage can be seen in the form of the large number of fallen trees off to the side of the track,  and the open spaces left to enable views across the valleys.  An hour or so later you meet the junction with the Tanekaha Forest track. Obviously the downward journey is easy in the dry, a bit trickier with slippery clay in the wet. 

Times are variable depending on stops and walking speed  but the whole loop is likely to take 4hr plus if you are not in a rush.

We'd love to hear about your favourite Tanekaha track, the hidden gems you've discovered and see photos from your Tanekaha adventures, please comment in the section below.

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