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Trackie’s Newsletter No 1 (Summer 2017)

Hi team, just a bit of an update on a few things happening in our Trackie’s universe that might be of interest.

Trackie’s BBQ

Our annual BBQ thank you to all you folk who have worked on the tracks over the past year was held on Friday 15th December. It was a beautiful day and a good turnout. The picnic area just over the swing bridge was an idea venue and big than you to Marunui for allowing easy access.

Trackie's BBQ 2018


Also a big thank you to Bruce Blue for organising our second golf tournament with the John Wallwork Trophy being taken out by Grant McDermott. It was particularly special with three generations of the Wallwork family present, Trish to present the trophy and son and grandson playing. This is a great event, not too serious and a good social occasion, and we would encourage all our golfers to support it.

Resource Consent

The Commissioner has handed down her decision on the resource consent for the boardwalk from Back Bay to Pearson Street and has found in favour of the Tracks Trust, albeit with a number of conditions. No work will start before 2019 once the Banded Rail study is complete and the nesting season over. There is a lot of work to do before this in fund sourcing, design, sorting the logistics etc. so this is not a big concern. Unfortunately the objectors have lodged an appeal with the Environment Court, the first step of which is mediation – hopefully this will sort it.

Botanical Track

The big linkup was achieved and celebrated on Friday 17th December and work on the new entry track from the Forest Track has been completed. This will undoubtable be the jewel in the crown of Tanekaha tracks, beautiful undulating contour, spectacular forest, waterfalls, lots of shade and pretty well benched all the way! Congratulations team on an outstanding achievement. The next few working days focused on upgrading sections that could be a bit wider, avoid a difficult spot etc.

Formal opening will be on Saturday April 7th.

Track Maintenance

The Trust has discussed the reorganisation of the maintenance programme with the aim of greater integration of our two teams and recognition of the increasing burden of maintenance as we build more tracks. The joint maintenance day will be the first Friday in every month and kicked off on February 2nd.

Kauri Dieback

With the increasingly high profile of kauri dieback nationally we would urge all our team and any visitors you take into the area to please treat their foot ware at the bridge station. Cleaning the mud off your boots at home before venturing forth is the very best treatment followed by a disinfectant spray. While kauri are not common in the reserve there are some nice little ricker stands and we must be seen to be doing the right thing.

Parkview Waters Walkway

The Trackie’s labour contribution to the construction of this great little walkway earned the Trust nearly $6000 as well as a adding to the linkage between the estuary and the harbour. It was a fine example of cooperation between a developer (Bruce Ogilvy) and the Trust to get a very good outcome for the wider community.


The donation box at the Tanekaha Tracks has been up now for just over 12 months and has produced $630. So well done Mike R for organising this, all paid for and well in profit.

Holiday Period

The BBQ was the last formal work day with regular activity beginning again in late January. We are now back into the swing of things and look forward to some really productive work over 2018.

Trust you have all had a great Christmas and a safe and happy holiday period, and look forward to catching up as and when you can make it during 2018.

The Tracks Trust.

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