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Trackies Occasional Newsletter No. 3. (16 /8/20)

Back Bay Boardwalk

A huge thank you to the boardwalk team for their magnificent effort in reaching 250m of the 500m structure despite the loss of 2 months due to Covid-19. The team at the Paul Rd. shed delivered prefabricated sections and all other pre-cut timber to the construction team never holding up progress even when special requests were made on the day they were needed.

On the construction site the pole drivers worked in difficult muddy conditions and always managed to stay ahead of the deck layers. Everyone was working to a low tide timetable which meant 6 hard days followed by around a week off. Everyone pitched in for the unpleasant task of removing mangroves from the site using wool packs, and unfortunately there will be even more of this next year. You can now walk the boardwalk to the second passing bay and admire our handy-work!

What a team – skills, experience, and talent and nothing was too much trouble. We can be proud of what has been achieved and we’ll be back for more next year!!

Tanekaha Falls Track

A small but enthusiastic team has been working to improve the Falls Track in the vicinity of the third waterfall and is looking to install a seat at a narrow but spectacular viewpoint. Easier grades and lower steps are the order of the day on what is a more challenging track, which we hope will encourage less experienced walkers to venture further afield.

Our Trustees have given their support to a serious upgrade of the Falls Track from the swing bridge to the first waterfall, a walk which probably sees over 75% of all traffic. Trackies are exploring the possibility of airlifting gravel to suitable sites along the track from which it can be barrowed and hand spread. With more and more winter use the aim is to create an all-weather track and eliminate muddy sections.

Maintenance Team

Our small maintenance team has been focused on tracks in the Mangawhai Park keeping them free of tree falls and improving areas where soft edges are being eroded. Work is confined to Pauls and Last of the Summer Wine while the uncertainty around other tracks persists, especially in areas where gums and invasive pines are being removed.

The team has also been busy on the Goldschmidt Track setting the tyre steps deeper into the ground with the aim of reducing the ongoing sand erosion resulting from high use.

Lincoln Downs

The bush block on KDC’s Lincoln Downs farm has finally been designated for recreation including a mountain bike park and walking tracks. It has been a long road for the trust but this agreement by Council is a key milestone. While the Trackies are keen to get their feet on the ground and start looking at the walking opportunities the paperwork may mean some delay. Council requires an MOU with the trust spelling out areas of responsibility and development policies which will take time to develop, however we will continue to press hard for access so we can at least get an idea of the walking track potential.

Potluck Dinner

The potluck dinner to which all Trackies and their partners are invited is still on and will be held in the Horizons Club at Parkview Waters on Estuary Drive from 5.30pm on Saturday September 5th. We asked for numbers so hope all those intending to attend have indicated and no doubt we will have to practice some social distancing. Bring a dish to share and your favourite tipple so we can reassemble our teams that have been spread between boardwalk, shed, tracks, and maintenance for the past few months.

Take care and keep safe (masks can be made from underpants and socks – if you can survive that you can survive anything).



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